This code allows the user to read through a folder and process the files that match the criteria.

The dir command will read through the folder given as a parameter.

You can also specify a file extension, a file name or a wildcard in order to restrict which files in the folder are selected.

* MFILE is a variable that contains the name of the file and path found with DIR.

* WKB is the variable assigned to the active workbook that is being processed.

* DIR will return the first file in the path that matches the wildcard JV1*.*.

* DIR will place the first file it finds in the folder into the variable MFILE.

* The code will continue as long as MFILE is not blank.

* If there are no more files in the folder that match the wildcard desciption, then DIR will place a blank value in MFILE.

* Set the variable WKB to the file being opened, which is the Excel file whose name is in MFILE.

* Call the subroutine that processes each Excel workbook.

* After processing the file, the DIR command is executed again.

* DIR will remember the path and wildcard template. Using DIR by itself will read the next file in the folder.

* Loop to the Do While statement to see if another file was found in the folder.

* If there are no more files to process, MFILE will be blank, and the processing will end.

* The DIR command will continue to select files until no more files match the criteria

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