The primary PowerPoint objects are the Presentation, the Slide and Shapes


Presentations Object

* The Presentations collection is the set of all OPEN PowerPoint presentations.

* All presentation objects are contained in a Presentations object.

* A presentation object is added, opened and saved from the Presentations collection object.

Presentation Object

* The Presentation object is a single Powerpoint file.

* A Presentation has an extension of .pptx ( or .ppt on older versions)

Slides Object

* The Slides object is a collection of all the slides in a specific presentation.

Slide Object

* A slide can have a layout, a color scheme, a design, and a master template.

* A slide contains Shapes which contain the content of the presentation.

Shape Object

* Shapes can be objects like rectangles, squares and circles.

* They can be text boxes that contain text.

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