=Index( Range, Row_num, [Column_num])

INDEX returns a cell value at a specific row and column .

A function such as MATCH can be used to find the row or column number.

Range Range of cells in which the row number and column number can be found.
Row_Num The row number is relative to the range .
For example, if the range is B5:B10 then row_num 3 would be row 7
Column_Num If the Range is wider than a single column,
the column number finds the correct column for the given row.


In the above example, the first INDEX formula references the range A2:A7 .
It has a row number of 4 .
The fourth row in the range A2:A7 is row 5 of the Excel sheet, which contains the value 530 .

The second INDEX example references the range A2:D7 .
Since this range has 2 dimensions, we need to provide a column number in addition to a row number.
In this example the row is 5 and the column is 4 . This is the location D6 in the range, which is the value 29,500 .

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