=HLookup( Lookup_Value, Table_Range, Row_Number, [Approx or Exact])

HLOOKUP is very similar to VLOOKUP . See the VLOOKUP article for more information.

HLOOKUP finds a specific column in a table of data.
It then looks for a value in the specified row of the table and then returns the found value.

Lookup Value

The value being looked-up.

This can be a value, a cell reference, or text.

Table Range

Table that contains the look-up values.

HLOOKUP always looks in the topmost row of the table
for the matching value.

The Table_Range can be an absolute cell reference or a named range.


The row containing the value to be returned.

This is the number of rows down in Table_Range .

The result will be in this row in the same colimn where the
lookup value was found.

Approx or Exact Match

If FALSE , an exact match must be found.

If TRUE or blank, the closest match (less than the lookup_value) is selected.

Data must be in order if FALSE is selected.



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